My story

2004 : I started as radio host in a local radio. My radio show was about my favorite kind of
music ; Heavy Metal.

2008 : I became General Manager of a local pop-rock radio station

2009 : I joined a national network of independent seller to develop my skills in sales, management and personal development.

2010 : As General Manager of a local radio, I understood that many local radio had the same problem than me : Having a sales team cost a lot and are complicated to handle.

That’s how I started as independent worker to sell advertising for my own radio, but also for 2 others radio station.


This year I had also a 3 weeks seminar in USA about sales, management and personal development, which was really powerful for my career.

2012 : After two years of test and training, I left my position into the radio and also from this sales company to create my first advertising company, EasyCom, which was specialised in radio advertising, but also goods and clothes advertising and business gift.


2013 : I had the opportunity to invest in the company of one of my customer, in the retails/new technology industry. My mission was to develop the cashflow and the rentability of this company. In only one year we double the cashflow and the rentability !


Between these two companies I’ve started to work everywhere in Europe to visit customers and suppliers, but also in China for sourcing, negotiation, and quality control and purchasing with my suppliers.

2014 : I’ve stopped EasyCom to join Radio Latitude, which was my first source of cashflow. As Advertising Director, I was in charge of the general management of the advertising department, from prospection, to negotiation and sales.

2015 : I’ve join the two founders of a digital start-up, Kibblz, as business developer and share holder. I was in charge to develop the business plan, financial forecast and international partnerships.

2016 : I sold my shares of my retail store and starting Monsieur B