Welcome to Monsieur B, from my name, Alexis Brioix. Name, certainly difficult to pronounce, hence this evocative name : Monsieur B

At Monsieur B we will deal with topics that I met and I still meet in my professional life, but also private; In order to help you to take advantage of everyday opportunities, our main themes will be:

  • Sales, negotiation, management and business world
  • Communication and Advertising
  • Personal Development and Time’s Management


I also propose every second Thursday of the month, free of charge, the “plan de com’ du mois” (media planning of the month), about a random industry and related to the mediatic calendar.

And also playlists, documentary and many more…

Also, if you are looking for a freelance worker in one of my fields, don’t hesitate to contact me ! I will be happy to hear from your project.

Discover more about my story, click here ! 

Have a good time at Monsieur B


Alexis Brioix