Adopt the “don’t give a shit” attitude !

french-flag-1053711_640I am here to offer you a solution ! You take it, perfect ! You refuse, too bad for you !

Objections, failures and other negative aspects of sales are inevitable and sometimes they are emotionally complexe to handle. The “don’t give a shit attitude” will help you to go through these bad moments with smile.

crying-2089875_1280When I sold radio advertising in France, the job wasn’t easy, especially because my clients were small and middle size company without communication budget, especially in the middle of the financial crisis. I had to go through the days, listening the complaining, crying and doubts of my clients. At the beginning it was ok but after few weeks I couldn’t handle it anymore and I started to doubt too about my own company… Of course this behaviour didn’t help me to make business !

After few weeks of holidays, I started to be in the “don’t give a shit attitude” and my business was never so good ! I could summarize this don’t give a shit attitude with :

  • Don’t take the things personally


  • You are there to offer a service (or a goods) who will help your customer to develop there businesses, if they become clients it’s really good ! If not..well… Don’t give a shit ! Next !


The advantages of the “don’t give a shit attitude” are multiple. It will give you a well being and step-back about your business, but the most important thing is that you will not smell money !


money-1816365_1920Let me explain myself : A seller who “smell” money is a seller who want absolutely make a deal, at any price, even if he have to go agaisn’t the interest of his clients. And trust me, the client will smell it at 100m ! It’s like if he would have wrote on his face “I need money ! Sign ! ” It’s the best way to not sign a contract !



With the don’t give a shit attitude, you are in a winner mindset, because it is you who offer THE solution to your client. You have self confidence in you and in what you are selling and you are full of enthusiasm !


joy-1015718_1920From the side of your client, he can feel your enthusiasm and most of all, he feel that you are not looking to sell at any price. When you are sincerely convince (and I insist on sincerely) that what you offer is a real solution for your client, and that you don’t force him to sign, a negative customer could start to doubt about the reasons of his refusal and be scare to miss an opportunity.


Few exemples about the don’t give a shit attitude on the field : 


Without the don’t give a shit attitude : I sell radio advertising to give the possibility to my client to communicate on a good media. I absolutely need to sell this advertising, because it is important for my client, but also for me !

With the don’t give a shit attitude : I offer the opportunity to my client to give the wishes to thousand of peoples to use his product or service, through the advertising I am proposing him. If he sign, we will make him the best advertising ever, and the client will call me back to sign for an other contract ! If he refuse, I don’t give a shit ! There is a lot of company who will take this opportunity ! Even maybe his competitor ! Next ! And a no today is potentially a yes tomorrow.


Without the don’t give a shit attitude : I sell a software who give to my client a better time management and more client. After answering all the objections, the client must sign ! If he refuse, I will take it personnaly because I made a really good customer discovery and I’ve answered good to his objections.

With the don’t give a shit attitude : I sell a software who give to my client a better time management and more client. If the client sign, he will be happy and talk to me to the other company of this industry. If he refuse, too bad for him ! He miss a really great opportunity… But this is his choice and I respect it. He will maybe change later his mind, but for the moment, next ! I don’t give a shit !


attention-24033_1280But take care ! Don’t mix “don’t give a shit attitude” with ” lazy attitude”. The don’t give a shit attitude need that you respect your client. You have to be on time, listening carefully your client and offer him the best.



To summarize, the don’t give a shit attitude is a mindset of a seller who doesn’t sell but who recommend a service or a goods with enthusiasm and passion. If the client refuse the offer, he miss a really good opportunity ! Offer it to someone else !

This is also the capacity to not take personally the failures. This will not affect your motivation and your self confidence.

And you ? Did you adopt already the don’t give a shit attitude ?


Monsieur B



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