Motivation !

french-flag-1053711_640How to find motivation everyday ? How can we have that enthusiasm that opens the door to success ?


Employee or independant worker, even if you love your job, it is sometimes difficult to push ourself out of the bed and to have the necessary enthusiasm and motivation. The first things to do is to have a morning routine.


Every morning I start my day with 15/20 minutes of meditation, then I get ready, check some stuff on my computer and I take the road.


This daily meditation is important to me, to empty my head and to start each day on healthy, calm and strong basis.


I invit you to read my article about meditation



If you need to make sport before to go to office, do it ! But the important thing is to do it regularly ! A breakfast is also important, a glass of warm water with lemon juice is perfect when you wake up !

Why do you wake up the morning ?

Let be honest here, if we all go work it’s most of the time for the money ! But to do what ? What is your dreams ? Your objectifs ? Your Desires ? Your life’s goal ?

The answer to this question is personal and just for you, but the answer are really important. I encourage you to write down your dreams and wishes everywhere you go ; make your own/personal  advertising. You must also know how to achieve your objectifs and for when ?


The article about the objectifs is here, it will help you to understand better the approach of objectif’s planning and the benefice of it.


Be surrounded by positive energies

stop-1829082_1920If you start your day by watching stupid non-objective news channel on the TV, then good luck for your day ! To keep you informed is important and necessary, but for the first hours of your day, feed your spirit with positive energies, like music or a  good reading about personal development. (audio recording are existing too, it is perfect if you have to drive a lot !)


The aim of this technic it’s to give you more knowledge but also a powerful energy and enthusiasm before visiting your customers or to be in the office.

Your failures are positive

A positive way to see failures, it’s to consider that they are opportunity to learn ! Recently, someone asked me what was my biggest professional failure ; To be honest I had trouble to answer, because I consider each failure as an opportunity to analyse, understand, get better and learn more. Of course of I failed sometimes in my life ! Who didn’t ? But the most important it is to learn from that, and to stay always positive.

In my profesional activity I have to do a lot of prospection, and sometimes it is complicated to keep the motivation to do it. This is something who help me a lot, to change each prospect into money. Doesn’t matter if I got a positive or negative answer, each contact means money to me. I can tell you that the motivation are still here !


I invite you to read my article about motivation and prospection. It will explain you in detail how to do it.


And you ? How do you keep your enthusiasm and motivation every day ? Share it in the comments !

Monsieur B


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