How to deal with annoying people – Latecomers

french-flag-1053711_640What is more annoying that to wait someone, while you have made the effort to be punctual ?


anger-1962406_12801For some people, to be late is a disease, but the most irritating is that very often latecomers don’t even feel responsable for it !

I have many friends like that, so now when we have a meeting at 4pm I tell them 3,30pm… But even with this tricks sometimes I have to wait… They are real annoying people !



Concretely, where does the problem come from ? Because latecomers know well the time of their meetings or when is the deadline for a file.


logic-1630657_1920After observing and questioning a lot latecomers that I understood that if a latecomers have a meeting at 4pm, he will leave the office (or the house)…at 4pm ! If he have a deadline for a file the 15… he gonna start the 15… or in the best case the 14 !


So, now that we have found the causes of the problem (for most of the times) how can we deal with an annoying, irritating, latecomers ? Without forgotten that you will never change someone ?

A good solution in the working environment, and especially when you have a “superior” range, it’s to speak face to face with the latecomers.


In this face to face to meeting, ask the latecomers to tell you which organisation he/she had, to be (again) late, step by step. Most of the time the latecomers just need some advises and coaching, as a manager,  you have to give them this help.



Ask how they will organise themselves to be in time next time. Then propose your help in their organisation, step by step, for example :

Your meeting is at 12h, but :

  • Driving time from home (office) – meeting point : 20min but because of the traffic at this moment of the day : 30min
  • Find a parking place : 5min
  • Walking from the parking to the meeting point : 5min


So next time you have to leave your home (office) at 11h20 or even 11h15, to give you an extra 5 min (it’s always better to arrived 5min before the meeting time, rather than 5min to late).


rage-1015611_1920On the other hand, in the personal environment it’s always more complicated to explain this kind of reasoning to a friend… In this case the tricks is to always give a meeting time 30min earlier than the real time… Or just don’t wait anymore and start without them…



For people like me who are very punctual, to be late it’s a deep lack of respect, because to be in time doesn’t require a complexe organisation… But for some other people this is a real challenge… And the art of human relationship is the capacity to adapt yourself to every kind of people.

And you ? How do you deal with latecomers ? Tell us your tricks and solutions in the comment down there !

Monsieur B


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