The Success goes through a to do list

french-flag-1053711_640A to do list is necessary, if not mandatory, to reach to way of success.

It is the first thing I’ve learned when I’ve started to work. At the beginning it was my chef who did my to do list. This list was made base on my 7 h daily work time, but if I would have made some mistakes or work too slowly, this list could easily be extended at 8 or 9 h of work !

Then, when I became more confident in my work, I could organised the to do list by myself, and then the ones of my students too.


Concretely, what is a to do list ?question-mark-1829459_1920

It is the list of the things you have to do in the day. If possible, classified in the order to be made.


Why making a to do list ?

First, because you don’t want to forget something you have to do, but most of all for daily time management. For exemple, if you plan to go visit some customers in this afternoon, maybe it would be wise to go to the post office between 2 appointments rather than to take your car to go only for the post office in the morning. This would cost you time and money.


exclamation-point-1421014_1280When and how making a do to list ?

The morning, when you arrived in your office. Personally I prefer to do it on a paper sheet, it helps to remember.

Take a paper sheet, a pencil, open your mail box and go !

This is how looks my to do list :

  • Answer internal emails
  • Call back customer who let a voicemail on my phone yesterday evening
  • Read and Organise external email
  • Answering to the quotation request and commercial propositions
  • Send commercial propositions and quotations per mail
  • Prepare appointements of the day
  • Prepare paper mail to send
  • Restaurant with partner X
  • Post office ; sending mail
  • Appointment customer 1
  • Appointment customer 2
  • Bank
  • Appointment customer 3
  • Debriefing customers appointment
  • Administrative management

With a to do list, from the beginning of your day, you know what you have to do, and when. But keep always an amount of free time in case of unexpected events.


meeting-1899083_1280When you have to drive to your customer, forecast your driving time between each appointment and plan enough time for each customer. personally I always plan 1h per customer, but know that with some, in 30 minutes it’s done, but with some others I need 1h30 or even 2h. Too depend the relationship you have with your customers and also the complexity of each case.


Need some help for your to do list or about your organisation ? Contact Monsieur B !

Monsieur B




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