How to deal with annoying people – Tyrants

We all remember a tyrannical person, whether it was against us or a collegue.french-flag-1053711_640

Few years ago, I had a tyrannical collegue, who treated all the people with a lower hierarchical rank in an absolutely execrable way ! he was never listening their ideas, he spoke really bad to them and he had a behevior at the limit of harassment


fear-1131143_1280Tyrannical people act like that because they are feeling « important » or « alive » only when the others feels bad because of them.

I am not a specialist in psychologie, but I’ve already observed that most of the time, this kind of people act like that because they were themself victim of tyrannical people.



shield-1283413_1280The first solution who could cross our mind, is to answer with an good old knock in his
face, but it will not give us the solution of our problem (even if I
agree that it would be a real joy !)



My first advise would be first to speak about your problem with someone you trust in. If it’s possible choose someone from an other environment.

In my case, my colleagues came to me for seeking help for new ideas or projects because they knew that I had the same hierarchical rank than my tyrannical colleague, and he was listening to me.


The second advise is again and always the same : Communication :


  • Invite this tyrant to give you his opinion
  • Reframe the discussion about what you could do
  • Encourage him to talk about a constructive future


A tyrant need the feeling to be see, important and usefull ; thanks him for his advises et think about it (maybe there is some truth and good things in it, even if his behavior is impossible)


Come back to him after having taken into consideration his ideas but bring also your ideas. More often your message will have a better and positive impact on him.


Third advise, Send him the links about the article of Monsieur B « How to criticize others without offending them » (yes this will make me some ads in the same time ! Thanks J )


hammer-1537123_1920And if despite all your efforts of communication and after sharing really helpfull links, your tyrant doesn’t change his behavior, there is some legal way… but internal negocitation will always be better.



If you had to deal already with tyrants, share your experiences in the comments !


Monsieur B


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