For effective client discovery

french-flag-1053711_640The goal is to discover the needs, motivation, wishes and expectations of your clients. To do so, I believe that there is only one solution : Ask !


When I became shares holder of repair center for smartphone, we had to hired a young employee for the technics but also for customer services and sales, but, this young guy had no experience in sales and customer services but he had a big motivation !

I will now share with you some basics of the training that I gave him. He still use every day these sales skills. These basics are almost “natural”, but sadly, often forgotten.


How to welcome your clients : Hello Sir. Good bye Miss, have a nice day !

woman-1447068_640And with smile and enthusiasm please !
When I went for the first time in the U.S, I was incredibly surprised about the kindness and the respect of the sellers when I went in a shop or even when I left even without buying anything.

Our culture (I mean Western, European culture, especially french)  is really different, but my customer experience was so good that I wanted the same for my own business.

If you work in a retail :

  • be always visible (and standup !)
  • be always in mouvement and do something
  • let some times to your clients to check around in your shop, propose your help after a short moment.
  • Even when it’s rush times, you have to say hello yo each new clients in your shop (even just with a smile)


Customer analysis : Open questions and customer-oriented questions

financial-equalization-1015266_1280You have two hear and one mouth, it’s because you have to listen two times more than you speak !

You know already the open questions (read the article about open questions), so propose your help by “how can I help you ?” rather than “Can I help you ?” .

About the customer-oriented questions, this works the same and has to be adapted on what you sale.


Questions produit Questions client
Quelle capacité de stockage                souhaitez-vous pour votre disque dur ? Quels types de documents envisagez-vous de stocker sur votre disque dur ?
Combien de Go souhaitez-vous avec votre forfait mobile ? Comment utilisez-vous internet sur votre mobile ? Est-ce pour un usage professionnel ou personnel ?
Avez-vous pensé à ouvrir un PEL ? Avez-vous un projet immobilier ?

More informations you can have about your client, his wishes, needs or expectations, more you will be able to propose him the best and most personalised solution.


Small details, big potential

balloon-1014017_1280For now, you broke the ice, established contact and identifying the needs of your customer. Well, let’s dig a bit more, we want more details and informations :

  • When you watch a car, which are the smalls details that tells you ; this is a confortable car (family car, sport car… To depend the expectation of your customer that you have found before)


  • Which are the details that got your attention for the choice of a new telecom contract ?


  • On which details judge you a beautiful shirt ?


The goal of this question if to get more informations about important details for your client, which you can use further to convince him about your products or services.


The Art of Silence

The silence is a question, and this is really powerful to “make talk” your customer.(This works also when you are the buyer, to “make talk” the seller, I had this experience at the beginning of my career, and I’ve never sweat so much in a customer interview !)font-470589_1280

Silence bring anxiety, when you customer give you a fast and brief answer to your question (open), keep the silence and wait… Your client will feel compelled to continue explaining.

  • How do you imagine your new bathtub ?
  • Big !


  • With massage jets, and enough space for 2 adults ! 



  • In front of a silent customer, tell him what most of your customer expect from your products/services and ask him what he think about that.


  • Reformulation in the form of question is also a good solution to validate the needs of your customer and be sure that you understood his expectations. “So, If I understood it good, you are looking for a telecom contract which give you the possibility the watch movies on streaming, and also to give and receive phone calls, from and to EU countries, with a maximum budget of 40€ per month”


  •  don’t speak about price until your customer ask for it ! I’ve already sold advertising campaign  of thousands bucks without speaking about the price !


I could speak hours and hours about many experiences and sales technics. But already with these basics, even the juniors sales assistant will have the necessary tools for the next sales interviews.

The next steps of the sales interview are the argumentation, how to answer to the customer objection and negotiation. About conclusion of the sales interview, I invite you to read the article about the art of conclusion.

I wish you a lot of success !

Monsieur B


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