Keys for effective phone prospection

french-flag-1053711_640As essential aspect of the sale, phone prospection is not a glamorous part of the job, but it is absolutely necessary, that’s why the motivation of your sales team is paramount. Also, I invite you to read the article about motivation and prospection.

When I had to train my employees about phone prospection, the goal was to only sell an appointment. And to maximise the chances of success, this was the preparation steps :


Step 1 : Scenario 
Phone is a fast and sometimes brutal media, because everything is decided in few seconds. You don’t have the time to hesitate.

Your scenario need : visual-diary-1728080_1920

  • your presentation (easy and fast)
  • the reason of your call (in few words)
  • the name of your caller
  • your responses to objections
  • to reach your goal with your scenario

The advise I gave to my employees was to make the prospect travel. By traveling I mean the capacity to give him the enthusiasm and the vision you have for him. Each step of the phone call have to be writing down on paper with the possibility, at each steps, different scenarios, in case of many objections from your prospect.


Step 2 : Your language 

The problem with phones, it’s that you can’t use the non-verbal language. Your only tools are your voice and your words, so there is some tricks :speech-bubbles-1379252_1920

  • do not use technical language
  • use classic vocabulary, and do not speak like with a close friends of yours.
  • short and dynamic sentences
  • more “you” than “we” in your scenario


Utilisation of positive and affirmative expression are also important :


Don’t hesitate

We agree


Step 3 : Your voice

audio-15936_1920How the prospect will imagine you only depend to your voice, for that :

  • smile (you can hear the people smiling in the phone)
  • speak loud and clear
  • speak normal, not too fast, not too slow
  • don’t read your scenario !
  • smile (x2 because it’s really much better)

Bonus : The basic mistakes

Let your prospect speak ! The most common mistake is to read your scenario super fast !


” Hi Mr X, I am Carlos from the company Y, we are leaders on the market of the crazyfrenchstuff, and, as you know, our company is the best since 40 years, with a perfect quality and customer service ! If you sign right now I can give you a special price, only for your Mr X !”


Each phone call is unique, each prospect will have different expectations and objections. you need a scenario, a main line, but don’t be to strong with it, be aware of your prospect and act natural !

This is some basic tools for phone prospection, but the experience will teach you how to treat with assistant or how to answer fast and clear to the objections of your prospects. We will see that in a next article !


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