How to deal with annoying people ? – Nitpicker

How do deal with annoying people ?

french-flag-1053711_640You have necessarily around you people that you could describe as « annoying ». And to give more spices, there is different kinds of annoying people ; moron, stalker, tyrant, angry or lazy people…

When I as working in the advertising industry, I had a business partner who was a real tyrant with his employees. An other partner was mythomaniac… One of my employee was always there 5 min too late… Of course I was aware that changing them into better was impossible, so I’ve learned how to deal with them.



We will see together some tricks to learn how to deal with these « complicated personalities ». Every weeks we will study an other kind of « annoying » people, to help you deal better with them.



For this first week, we will speak about « Nitpicker » (pinailleur in French)

Nitpickers are peoples who find fault and mistakes with insignificant details. Most of the time when they open their mouth it’s for fighting with details and without much respect.


There is some tricks to help you deal with them :

Speak with them while a face to face meeting and when everything is fine. Propose some alternative solutions, to give them the possibilities to keep explain themself but without nerving the all team, for exemple :

  • lightbulb-1875255_1920Writing on a paper each important details or mistakes they have found. Because even if they are annoying, they have most of the time a good sense of observations, and criticism can be helpfull (read the article about the art of criticism). And by this way, the team can enjoy there observations without to be interrupted every 30 secondes.


  • Bringing together the observations they made into different categories, to be more specific and clear when they will give their « report » to the team.


This habits of Nitpicker is not necessarily confortable for these kind of people either. Speak face to face with them to tell them that some details without importance can be ignored without affecting their professionnalism. But to interrupt people is an attitude that you don’t want to see in your company (club, project).

not-for-sale-35411_1280 copie.png

Like in many situations, communication and understanding will make a difference. So… It’s useless to get crazy because of them… It’s a waste of time…


Monsieur B


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