Do you have a goal ? !

french-flag-1053711_640How do you want to reach your destination if you don’t know the road map ?

It sounds maybe stupid, but imagine that you go in your car, turn on the engine, but you have no idea where to go… well, you would just stay in front of your house !

It is exactly the same thing with your life ; You must have a clear and precise goal and you will flight to the success !


Step 1 : Determine your precise goaldarts-155726_1280

We all have dreams and goals, but before to know how to reach them, it is better to know what are they … « to be rich », isn’t precise enough, this is too abstract … On the other hand :

«  To have a financial asset of one million euros »


«  Today I earn 30 000€ per year, I want to earn 60 000€ per year »

These are precise goal !


Step 2 : Set a deadline

I guess you would like to realise your dream before you reach 90 years old ? So you have to set a deadline in front of each goal, in a short, middle and long terms … Like for the goals, precision is necessary.

«  To have a financial asset of one million euros, for my thirtieth birthday »

«  Today I earn 30 000€ per year, I want to earn 60 000€ per year, in the next 24 months »


Step 3 : Establish a road maproad-1668916_1280

Paris/Bordeaux can be reach in few hours, or few days … To depends on your road map !

Which action can you put in place to reach your goals ? What do you need, who do you need ?

Establish priority too, it will be complicated for you to work in every goals in the same times.


Step 4 : 1 day, 1 action

Determine which actions you can start immediately, the ones you can start tomorrow, this week, next week …

Each small step will be one more step closer to your objective. Action !


Step 5 : Make your own advertisingdo-it-now-1432945_1280.png

Advertising sells you products and services the all day long … Do the same for your own dreams !

Write on post-it your goals and dreams and put them in strategic places like the door of your fridge, the mirror in your bathroom, the screen of your computer … This will put at work your conscious and subconcious to make your goals and dreams comes true.


If your dream is to own the last German super sport car… Buy a big picture of this car or buy the miniaturization of this car and put it in your office ! Soon the real size car will be in your garage !


The article about meditation will also help you to realize this exercice.


Monsieur B got other tricks to help your with your action plan, contact now Monsieur B !


Monsieur B


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