The Art of Conclusion

french-flag-1053711_640It’s a moment that scares seller and buyer …

Before to start our topic about conclusion during a sales interview, I just would like to tell that there is no miracle formula, or one sales technics better than the others… What we will see together are just observations that I did after many years of sales, and the essence of this observation it’s to detect the positive sign for the best moment of conclusion.


When do we can conclude ?time-is-money-1059987_640

  • When the fondamental objections of your customer got solved
  • When the customer is sufficiently convinced by the seller’s offer


So, how do we recognize a convinced customer ? To do so, we just have to be attentive about some details :

  • customer start to use your sample
  • silence at the end of your argumentation and the customer move his head like « yes »
  • The customer speak like if he already own your products/services


Other indication about the good timing for conclusion is when your customer ask you about these kind of things :

  • Payment Terms
  • Shipment Conditions
  • After Sales services
  • Negociation on price and quantity


detective-152085_640An other subtile clue is when your customer call a collegue to watch your demonstration or to check out your product. It means that your customer is interested about your offer, but he is also scared to make a mistake and need the approval of someone else.


How do we can conclude ?

Like at the beginning of a relationship, the fear of refusa lis high ! But the only way to know the answer is to jump in the water !business-962355_1920

The direct proposal will be the most « simple » to formulate. It doesn’t require any
particular skills, only to be the most frank and natural.


Be gentle, take care of your language and most of all, your smile ! You can use a bit of humor or « false alternatives » :


« So, If I am right, you are looking for a new case for your smartphone and it has to be beautiful, usefull and with an emergency battery, for less than 80€. This case XYZ is exactly what you are looking for… Is that ok ? You take it ? »

«  We start your communication next week or the week after ? »

« Is that ok with this product ? I’ll deliver you 10 box ? »

« So, do we sign now or immediately ? »


In any case, be yourself, frank and natural… At this point of the sales interview, your customer know you and your products/services.

Sometimes, it happens that at the very last moment, your customer start a final negotiation. If it’s possible for you, agree with it and settle the deal, but like always try to get something back, but this will be the topic of a next article on Monsieur B

In conclusion, it is not difficult to conclude, you just have to ask for it, with the right manne rat the right time !


Monsieur B


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