How criticize others without offending them


Criticism allows to evolve, but how to do without hurting your interlocutor ?

As business partner or employer, I had to criticize to allows my employees or partners to evolve when they had made a mistake.

Criticism allows to evolve, but only if it’s made with an appropriate manner ; without hurting the ego of your interlocutor. Let see together the 7 rules for an effective Criticism.


attention-24033_1280Rule N°1 : The Criticism as to be done in private

There is no need to criticize a mistake in front off the team, friends or business partners. This would hurt the ego of your partner and you would got absolutely nothing.


Speak face to face in private to your interlocutor.


Rule N°2 : Start with a compliment

Give compliments will create a nice and friendly atmosphere. But most of all, they warn your interlocutor that you are not attacking his ego and make him more confident. Someone on a defensive mind can not hear your ideas…


Rule N°3 : Criticize the fact, not the person

Never hurt the ego of your interlocutor ! Criticize the fact or the behavior but not the person !

By this way, you encourage him to do better next time, while highlighting his mistakes…


« For an unknown reason, the weekly report didn’t reach the accountant departement »

will be more appreciate than

«  You didn’t deliver the report in time to the accountant ! »


Rule N°4 : Give the answerkey-1020000_1280

Before criticize someone, be sure to have the solution to the mistake… Otherwise your criticism will not be constructive and you will not help your interlocutor to grow and do better next time.


Rule N°5 : Ask, don’t give order

You will get better results if you politely ask, rather than if you bark on your interlocutor…

« Can you please correct this text ? » will be more appreciate than « correct this text ! »


Rule N°6 : Don’t come back on previous mistakespanel-1109861_640

When a conflict is solve, don’t put it back on the table everytime your interlocutor make a mistake.


Rule N°7 : Conclude on a friendly note

Make sure the interview ends on a positive and pleasant note, while getting a firm « yes » from your interlocutor on understanding and correcting the mistake put forward during the interview.



This is only simples and basics rules of communication. Communication is one of the first reason of conflict in companies, but also in the private environment. Criticism is necessary to grow, but it is important to take really care about how to formulare this criticism.


Monsieur B


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