Motivation & Prospection


How motivate your salesforce for commercial prospection in 4 steps…

When I’ve created my first company, my client portfolio was empty, and to find customers I had to use prospection ! But as you may know it, most of the time, salesforce doesn’t like prospection, nevertheless it is absolutely necessary… Thus, I found a technique to motivate myself and my salesforce team. Let’s discover this technique together !


Let’s take the exemple of phoning prospection ; the idea it’s to monetize each phone call, whether positive or negative.


1st Step : Define the purpose of your calldarts-155726_1280

What do you want to get from your customer over the phone ? An order, an appointment ?

Depending on what you sell and your business model, the answer to that question will be different. For our exemple we aim to get an appointment with the prospect to present an offer.



2nd Step : Know your average revenue per customer

This data depend of your business, but let’s take the exemple of a local media (radio, newspaper…) with an average revenue per customer of 1500€


3rd Step : Establish your ratios

If when you contact 10 prospects you get 5 appointments that generate 2 contracts, your ratios are :

Contact/Appointment : 2

Appointement/Contract : 2,5

Contact/Contract : 5

So, if you contact 10 prospects, you know that on average you will get 2 customers.


4th Step : Monetization

Knowing that each customer brings you 1500€, and that out of 10 calls you have 2 dollar-163473_1280customers, 10 calls = 3000€

3000€ divided by 10 calls = 300€ per call

In other terms, each time you pick up the phone, you earn 300€, whether it is positive or not, it is 300€ ! This is pure motivation isn’t it ?



Conclusion : The important thing to remember is the approach (the number depend of your business). The objectif is to get the motivation of your salesforce for prospection.

The next step is to optimise your ratios for a better rentability. Step that we will speak further in a next article.


For more information about prospection and motivation, contact Monsieur B !


Monsieur B


4 thoughts on “Motivation & Prospection

  1. john Belden says:

    I have always believed in the 10% ratio. make 100 calls, get 10% interest and bring in 1-2 new customers. Which means theoretically you should bring in at
    least 24 new customers per year. Depending what you are selling, this could be sizable. Due to new customers, during the previous 24 months of recession (in Western Canada at least), 50% of our business on an average month was new business brought in within the last 2-3 years. Now as the economy returns, that declines due to the return of the 20 year customers but still is a sizable impact on the month end bottom dollar.


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