Wishes and Customer Loyalty


What can you do to not look cheesy and make the difference with your customers ?

Like each years, January is the month for the wishes and business gift. But what can you do to not look cheesy and make the difference with your customer ?


First at all, wait January and not before for sending your wishes card and others good attention… Then, Promote physical rather than digital media (we got everyday thousand of email already…)

The most popular for the new year wishes is the card with the logo of your company. If you do so, add an handwriten mention and sign it ! This brings a personnal touch that will be greatly appreciated. And if you can also add a chocolate or other sweets, it’s even better !

For the 20% of your customers who brings you 80% of your total cashflow (see law of Pareto), the best it’s to choose businesses gifts.


A business gift will have higher perceived value than an advertising goodies. By business gift I mean brand watch, luxury pen… Some supplier will also propose you to print the name of your customer and the name of your company on each business gift.


For business gift, unlike advertising gifts, it is the best to offer them in a face-to-face interview, this allows you to maintain the good relationship with your customer.


One gold rule : Never add commercial proposition to your wishes ! If you meet physically your client, speak about everything but never about the new commercial offer you have !

The best thing to do, is to take a new appointment with your client, to show him your new commercial offer

But remember this fondamental rule of goodies and business gift : It has to be usefull, and, if it’s possible, with the name of your customer on it.

For the new year wishes, you will forget the advertising pencil with your brand on it or the new key ring of your company… They are really good advertising tools, but not for this occasion.

If you want to have more ideas related to your business and your clients, don’t hesitate to contact Monsieur B

Monsieur B


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