Time Management


french-flag-1053711_640« I have no time », the century’s disease


It might be from your husband or wife, friends, colleagues or kids, it is the sentence you can hear everyday ! ” I have no time “

This scourge belongs to our era, but in reality we have time ! On the other hand, we don’t take the time !! Our time’s disease have a name : flemmingite ( lacke of motivation )


Let’s take a step back, we all have 24h in a day :arretes-cause-flemmingite-l-lgcsvr

  • Sleeping : 8h
  • Working : 8h


Now you still have 8h for your personal appointments, hobbies, having fun with some friends, learning something new…


This time’s capital, like your financial’s capital, you can choose to invest it in a good or bad investment.

A good investment would be for exemple to learn a new language or a music instrument. With only 20 Minutes per day, I can guarantee that in between one year, your progress will be above your wishes !

Now that you are on the way to speak French, and to be the new Johnny Halliday, you still have 7 hours on your time’s capital.

So for now, let’s relax ! And why not watching a good series on Netflix for exemple ? 1h ! And if you watch it in the language you are learning to, you still continue to improve your skills in this new language !

For now, you still have 6h on your time’s capital. It is essential that you take 1h for yourself per day, for reading or even better, meditation. (read article about meditation)


Time’s capital : 5h… Imagine all the things you can achieve with this free time !!

So, next time, rather than ” I have no time” say

” I don’t want to take the time”


Monsieur B


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