The Mediatic Calendar


What is the mediatic calendar ? How to use it on a daily bais in your business ?

wall calendar with the number of days and clock


A mediatic calendar give you all importants events of the year. Whether it is religious, commercial or sports events… The mediatic calendar give us a lot of events that we can use for our advertising or commercial animation, after all, every opportunities are good for communicate !

Some business like pastrycook or bakery, use already the calendar to pace their productions in addition to their « classic » offer. Thus, in January we have the Twelft Night Cake, in February donuts, in April chocolate and for Christmas the Christmas log.

A pastrycook or a baker who would communicate around these events could increase the visitors flow of his business.

So, This is all great, but you are maybe not the king of the croissant ! Don’t worry, we just have to adapt your communication strategy with the calendar events and also with the kind of business you own, all that, with fun !


Let’s take for exemple the Woman’s day (8 March) : A lot of businesses could offer a rose to their feminine clients (loyalty). If you own a restaurant, you could offer a cocktail or a coffee to all your feminine clients (if they are with a men, you can bet that the men will order the same just to accompany their partner, this will bring you loyalty and additional sales)


Cerise sur le gâteau, spread the word about your event and you will increase your business !


We can associate almost all the calendar events to your business for communicate and create a good and successfull advertsting or commercial animation, which will help you achieve your goals (financial or management goal).


Monsieur B


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