Open Questions


How to avoid a « NO » when you ask something ?


Whether you are a BtoB (Business to Business) or BtoC (business to consumer) salesman, the « NO » must be an answer to avoid.

When a customer tells you « no », he unconsciously locks himself on himself. If you get several « no » as a result to your questions, then it becomes complex to sell him something.


The solution : don’t give to your customer the possibility to answer by « yes «  or « no »


How ? : Open Questions !


An open questions will force your customer to answer you with a sentence, rather than a word. For exemple in a retail store, rather than the classic « Hi ! Can I help you ? » say :


« Hi ! How can I help you ? » or « Are you looking for jeans or shirts ? »


This simple word « how » can make all the difference ! In our second exemple, the customer have two choices, but certainely not the choice of « no ».

Other context about the utilisation of open questions with multiples choices, when you take an appointment (perfect for BtoB). Don’t ask anymore « When are you available this week », but :

« Would you be available Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon ? »

In this context, you offer an alternative, which in any case fit to your schedule ! And this could avoid the answer « I can’t this week I am too busy ».

And even if your customer tell you this « excuse » just say « and next week ? ». He just refused two propositions, it will be complicated for him to refuse one more time.


In any case, never use negative questions ! « You are not availible this week ? ». First this is a closed question and negative !! It would be easy to your customer to tell you « no » !


Monsieur B



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