How meditation can help you to increase your professional performance ?


Few years ago, my professional activities paced my personal life. As a business entrepreneur I thought that was normal to be 200% engaged in my businesses and also profitable.

At the end my results wasn’t as high as expected. I wasn’t creative and I couldn’t have new ideas anymore… So my wife offered me a coaching with Asim Aliloski, a business coach from Austria. I’ve never had coach before, so it was unusual for me, but why not !


During this hour of coaching we talked about meditation. For me it was only for Buddhist monks, but I have to admit that after only an hour of coaching and meditation I was feeling so good, so happy and powerful but also with a relaxing and peaceful feeling inside myself.

Therefore I started to make some research about meditation, and I found many scientific articles about the benefits of meditation for the health but also, that with a daily meditation it increase the performance of the brain.


So, how does it work ? How to practice ? Do I just have to seat in the lotus position and wait ? I got some audio session of Deepak Chopra about the initiation of meditation. 30 min each session, it’s fast, easy and really effective, perfect for the morning ( or the evening as you wish )


Pura Tirta Empul Temple – Bali

I also got some books of Youngey Mingyour Rinpotche “hapinness of meditation”dsc_0211 or “the art of meditation” from Matthieu Ricard ( this one is my favorite about meditation )

15 to 30 min per day in meditation will not cost you a lot in your time’s capital ( read article about time management ), and absolutely nothing on your financial’s capital, but it will make a serious difference in your life !


Monsieur B


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